Our program gives you and your child a chance to enhance the one-on-one relationship
with each other, at an age that can never be recaptured.
- Nation Chief

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Businesses that provide donations or discounts to the WSIP.

Allyson's Flowers

DONER Advertising


Custom Stamp Makers

Key Dates 2014-15

G - Camp Wilson (Oct 3-5)
P - Camp Wilson (Oct 17-19)
P/G - Camp Fitch (Nov 7-9)
P/G - Kalahari (Dec 12)
P - Maumee Bay (Jan 9-11)
G - Maumee Bay (Jan 30-Feb 1)
P/G - Camp Fitch (Feb 27-Mar 1)
G - Tippecanoe (May 1-3)
P - Tippecanoe (May 15-17)